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What is the Difference?

what is the difference between innocence and confidence, pleasure and happiness? what ambitions derive their source in our darker selves and what does the light side contain of power? why do inanities distract us from meaning and structured understanding of motivation, desire, and actualization? why do we live out our time in rote mechanisms that […]

Exercise in Futility

my life is an exercise in futility. even when i do nothing wrong, i still fail. my bad karma must have no end. even when things are not my fault, i still hurt. i must be too sensitive. we knew this was going to happen, i guess it was worth it, but for some reason […]


today was a little better. i only saw the little fucking bonobo twice. unfortunately both times he made some sort of greeting directed at me. also unfortunate, he was with his redheaded cockwarmer one of those times. The Vagina Monologues were awesome though. Women like that are cool. all of the people bitching about it […]


Well I have my camera…getting it to work is the hard part. Slow and steady wins the race except I have alot of work to do. I am almost ready to burn my old sketchbook journal. Parting with it will not be bittersweet. I’ll be glad to see it go. Besides, I’m saving the good […]

Valentine’s Day my ass

Valentine’s Day my ass. At least my mother loves me. This is the story of my life. I ordered a webcam yesterday and hopefully I’ll get it hooked up and functioning as a part of my website once it arrives. I figured out what I want my domain name to be when I get a […]

All Generalizations

creative writing is synthesis, not analysis. when i write things i tend to deconstruct as i have been taught. i must learn to combine in order to give things meaning apart from what they already have. i hope that my experiences here have not permanently made me into the bitter man i am becoming. life […]

A Very Bad Thing

Well the weekend is over and it is time for me to get back to work. I spent way too much money on Magic cards, but I did manage to get my fix. I had trouble sleeping last night. I only slept for 6 and a half hours instead of longer as is my wont. […]

Yarf 1

Few things are more disgusting than walking in on your roommate shirtless and seeing his apelike back getting a backrub from the girl you were interested in until he went for her despite you. I do not even care for either of them anymore because their disregard is so obvious. I walked out until I […]

Cosmic Joke

Sometimes I wonder if I am the butt of a cosmic joke. I’m doing better though. Enlightenment. I am invincible. I’ve got RA interviews tonight. I hope they go well. If I get selected it will save my momma about 6k in college expenses next year. God will do as he deigns. All you have […]