Senior Year

Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Senior Year was by far my best year of col­lege. My grades were su­perb, I had a room all to my­self, the foot­ball team un­der the new tute­lage of Tyrone Willingham, was 10 – 2, and to crown it all off, the fenc­ing team won the na­tion­al cham­pi­onship, and I get a ring out of it!

It start­ed out in­no­cent­ly enough, fall se­mes­ter is al­ways ridicu­lous­ly busy, and mine was more so than usu­al since I was tak­ing an Intermediate Film Production class, a class my pro­fes­sor de­scribed more as about stress man­age­ment than mak­ing an ac­tu­al film. The foot­ball sea­son was spec­tac­u­lar, and re­ju­ve­nat­ed the with­er­ing ND spir­it. The last home game as a se­nior was against Rutgers, the same team we played at my first ND game, when I was 16. I cried af­ter­ward.

I al­so got to trav­el with the fenc­ing team, some­thing I would have done the pre­vi­ous year, apart from my dis­lo­cat­ed knee in­ci­dent. This was quite en­joy­able, though it did eat in­to my week­ends con­sid­er­ably. Most of the rides were by bus, but the flight to the Duke Duals in North Carolina was great. And then I have the hon­or of be­ing named the Knute-Rockne Scholar Athlete, and re­ceiv­ing the DeCicco/​Langford Inspiration award. Not on­ly that, but a pic­ture of me, and a lit­tle blurb ac­com­pa­ny­ing [sp?] it was put on the wall be­tween the Football Office and the Basketball Office.

Graduation was a bit of a dis­ap­point­ment, the cer­e­monies were a drag, the Baccalaureate Mass, and the homi­ly that went with it, seemed fo­cused on try­ing to con­vince us to do­nate mon­ey to the University, and the speech by Sen. Richard Lugar, was com­plete­ly in­ap­pro­pri­ate. He did not ad­dress the grad­u­ates ex­cept in pass­ing, and fo­cused on a pro-war for­eign pol­i­cy speech bet­ter suit­ed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee than a no­tably an­ti-war Catholic cam­pus.

It was, how­ev­er, quite nice to have my fam­i­ly show up at the cer­e­monies.

This is what I learned in col­lege:

  1. How to make ba­nana bombs.
  2. That the breeze­way al­ways smells like wet dog
  3. Once you find out a girl likes you, it is al­ready too late to do any­thing about it.
  4. It is quite pos­si­ble to climb the walls of the dorm, pro­vid­ed your shoes have enough trac­tion, you have strong wrists, and am­ple lever­age.
  5. The on­ly time the Grotto is emp­ty is when the weath­er is too in­tense for even the town­ies.
  6. Quarter Dogs are like very cheap crack, and much more dan­ger­ous.
  7. While you might be able to drink 12 oz of Cuervo, pol­ish­ing it off with a shot of Everclear is not in­tel­li­gent.
  8. No one cares about fenc­ing, even the friends of fencers.
  9. It is on­ly ac­cept­able for women to write po­ems about rape.
  10. How to think