Full Immersion

Saturday, 4 January 2003

i used to think that when i fi­nal­ly met the girl of my dreams she would be one to know every­thing about me. every last de­tail. i re­al­ize now that is bull. i don’t re­al­ly think any­one tru­ly wants to know every­thing about some­one else. af­ter all, most peo­ple have trou­ble try­ing to know every­thing about them­selves. and as soon as you know every­thing about some­one, what is left? wouldn’t the re­la­tion­ship go stag­nant and sour? with noth­ing left to know things would get rather bor­ing. with me it runs in cy­cles, at first im­pres­sion peo­ple find me un­ap­peal­ing, but af­ter putting up with me long enough they think i’m cool, any­time i let peo­ple go deep­er, they usu­al­ly get scared off. i don’t know if there is an­oth­er lev­el of ap­pre­ci­a­tion past third or­der fear. i guess i’ll be a life­guard and keep peo­ple from go­ing in­to the deep end of me.