Farmer’s Weather Complex™

Saturday, 27 July 2002

i’ve almost got the CSS version of my page finished. i was almost giving myself and aneurysm trying to figure it out for the past few days but it all clicked yesterday especially after a little help from this place. now all i need to do is get moveabletype installed correctly on my webspace and learn to use it then i’ll be streamlined and ready to roll.

we’ve needed rain badly for several weeks and we finally got it. although i am not a farmer, living in a farming community has made me aware of the weather and in doing so i have developed the Farmer’s Weather Complex™. there is always either too much rain or not enough rain. this summer has been a dry one but hopefully this rain will do the crops some good. it is also fair time around here which means next week i am going to get an elephant ear and (if my braces are off) a candied apple. mmmm gotta love the fair.

Site as Mind

Monday, 22 April 2002

everything that is written in this weblog is the property of me myself and i. this site is my mind. i am in total control of my mind. i choose to delete comments that are not constructive or appropriate for my mind. saying that you are ‘telling it like you see it’ does not mean you have license to say anything you want. you must justify yourself in my mind. i am the only one here who can call it like i see it because this is MINE. people who know me understand that i think in rhetorical circles and hypotheticals, which after enough revolutions bring about results. nothing is directed at a specific subject. there might be a specific impetus that sparks the thought process, but i try very hard not to let my judgement affect my social conscience. THEREFORE, to those that choose to reply to my ramblings: if you assail me with disjunctive allegations or attempt to place yourself in a omniscient relation toward me as one who has it all together. i am on to you, liar. wisdom and thoughts are more than welcome, but on an equal footing with everything else.‘Wisdom’ that places itself in a power position over anything is so much semantic bullshit. i welcome constructive discussion and wry critique but abuse will be wiped out. what do YOU think?