Great Outdoors

Tuesday, 17 June 2003

I just had the most wonderful walk.

The house I’m staying in this summer is less than a hundred yards from a river, and right up the street from a park. The neighborhood is quiet, and the park [apart from some litter] is just right. The trees are monstrous, thick trunked and towering. Meagan should come down and see their size, their sinuous branches and all that.

The river was quite active this evening. I live right along the East Race of the St. Joseph’s river, and the East Race is the nicest part of the river to experience, and has been developed appropriately to suit this. There was a guy out in waders casting in the current, he made me want to fish again. Moments later, some people on a Seadoo jetted past. Quite a few people were walking on my side, an elderly lady was working in her yard, and on the other side of the river, much higher [perhaps 50 feet] I could see some couples sitting, walking, etc.

Ducks and their broods were all over. and some skeeters too, that I avoided. I just took it all in, tried to forget about my measly desires, felt content for a bit, said ‘Thanks’ and came back home.

Its hotter than the dickens in here.

South Bend Fencing

Friday, 7 March 2003

i’m eradicating the friday mp3. i’m bored with it.

tonight i went to a local fencing tournament and beat down. overall i placed third, but the only two bouts i lost the whole evening were against the same person, who won the tourny. he is ranked as an ‘A’ by USFA standards, while I, a mere chode, was ‘U’ for unranked. but by placing third i got myself a ranking of ‘D.’ Actually, D03 for the year in which i did it. what does this mean? diddly. but more importantly i found that i really enjoy fencing when it doesn’t mean anything, and i can just have fun. i enjoyed competing as a part of a team, but without the pressure to do well, fencing is hella fun.

Ready to Go

Wednesday, 8 May 2002

5.8.02 INT. KEOUGH HALL RM. 435 2:03pm DAY

mostly packed and ready to get the hell out of south bend for a few days. i hope i can fit everything into my car, but i’m not too worried. this summer will be used to heal the damage that this year has done to me, both physically (with my knee) and mentally (pretty much everything else). if all this shit builds character, i’m gonna be one tough mofo. the thing is, i think i have quite enough character already thank you very much. i have a nice start to my summer reading list, i wonder how much i will read before i get back to ND.

i am a transient being, ethereal and fleeting. i leave no marks behind me, just fading memories. constancy is my style, yet it is the constancy of change and readaptation, paradox. where i go no one wants to follow because it is too confusing. out of confusion springs enlightenment. if you stare at the white noise long enough, you will be able to see the superficiality of existence and the complexity of nothingness. no one really wants to be enlightened, they are much more satisfied to let the responsibility for living and breathing and acting fall on anyone but themselves. i pity those who cannot recognize the power inherent in themselves, inherent in every person, the power to change reality and create that which was only imagined.

today i am bubonic