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Spring hath affronted me with her most blatant display of new life, babbies [the british version of the word]. Most everywhere I have been today, I’ve seen babby aminals. First this morning, there were ducklings. All over the place along the river, trundling after their parental duck. No drakes were to be seen. Damn missing […]

First Day of Spring

the first true day of spring! whoohoo so many people laying around and skipping class. it was nice to see that some people still enjoy nature, even if it is only once in awhile. i wrote a pome about it.

Spring Returned

i woke up this morning and the sky was the color of a week old bruise, and the air was filled with the noise of thunder. to some people this would be ugly, but for me it is both frightening and wonderful. i love the sound of thunder and the feel of rain on my […]