Saturday Observations

Saturday, 8 April 2006

  • Apparently they’re called gingerbread persons now.
  • Pretty girls in Tremont run early in the morning, not in the afternoon like I do.
  • Little boys named Mateo will magically appear every time you’re at the library and annoy the ever-​living shit out of you while you apply for jobs.
  • I love giving people directions to places in Tremont.
  • I can get intermittant WiFi from Jewel Heart while sitting in my car at the laundromat.
  • The squirrels are going through their first molt of the year.

Fed a Squirrel

Saturday, 20 April 2002

I fed a squirrel today. She was pretty fat and I think pregnant, but I’m not sure. She ate out of my hand which I felt honored by. Except that gaining the trust of squirrels on this campus isn’t that difficult. the best part was that she put her little claw/​paw into my hand at one point, and chattered at me in an amiable way. I would like a pet squirrel I think. I would have to train it to not chew on everything though. And not to bury stuff in the carpet. I should feed the squirrels more often, it is very calming and makes me happy. I have another goal as well. A rook was watching me as I fed the squirrel and when I tossed the crumbs to the ground and left he immediately hopped down and started chowing. Now I would REALLY like to have a pet rook/​raven. That would be too cool. And I could even teach it to talk. My new goal is therefore to get the rooks to come close to me and eat from my hand, and maybe I can get one to perch on me.

I don’t think many people know it, but there is a cooper’s hawk nesting on top of our dorm. This can be nothing but a good omen. I love birds and envy their flight. One of these days I’ll go hang gliding so at least I can have an idea of what it is like.

since people enjoy labeling people and labeling themselves perhaps this is manifested by the fact that people wear clothing for its name and go for status symbols like fancy cars and such. its kinda sad.

UPDATE: the 4B section video, done by ME won. all the others were pieces of crap. i also finished the fencing video for the team banquet in ten days. go me!