Monday, 17 March 2003

St. Patrick’s Day at Notre Dame

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! w00t! This is the only St. Patrick’s day that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing at Notre Dame. For some unbeknownst reason, ND usually arranges it so that March 17 is during Spring Break. Hypocritical that the premier Irish-Catholic university avoids celebrating said day? of course, ’tis to be expected. We can’t have the students of the Fighting Irish drinking and carousing now can we. Yes, i know the Irish (i.e. people in Ireland) don’t actually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by covering themselves in green plaid and drinking green beer, but isn’t in keeping with American culture to bastardize other cultures to our own ends? Notre Dame was founded by the French but is now Irish… and we have even twisted the pronunciation of our Lady. whatever. its 65 outside, sunny, i ain’t got shit to do till next week and i’m a senior. things canna get much better. i’m gonna go find a bit o whiskey.