Episode 2

Wednesday, 22 May 2002

5.22.02 INT. SHOWPLACE 16 8:00pm NIGHT

i just watched episode 2. george lucas has never been an actor’s director so i can excuse the instances of bad acting except for the extra parmesan in the love dialogue, he should have at least had the sense to nix that. the three zooms were totally unacceptable and fulfilled no purpose in furthering either the emotion or the plot in the film. zooming is for student filmmakers. the excessive use of soft wipes became tedious as well. i got the feeling that lucas is trying to make a “george lucas film” instead of just doing it. to be expected, but still disappointing.

good things. the jedi kick ass. the pacing was exceptional at the end of the film. digital technology has improved tremendously. natalie portman. count dooku’s pistol grip lightsaber. it filled in many gaps but i’m sad some jedi got the axe.