Hanged Over

Sunday, 15 September 2002

as i write this i am experiencing my first ever hangover. its not too bad, but i had no idea wine would affect me in this way. now i do and can avoid repeating the performance. the fencing party last night was a good time and my croatian teammate Ozren’s 25th(?) birthday. who knows, happy birthday to him anyway. i also wore my ‘AVAILABLE’ shirt last night, that i had made my freshman year as a joke. right across the chest in bold red letters is the word AVAILABLE, so its not subtle at all. the thing is, it seemed many chicas enjoyed commenting on it and complimenting me. they also want their own AVAILABLE shirts. Perhaps a preponderance of said shirts with said saying would promote gender relations here at ND.

Behold! The T-​shirt

Saturday, 17 August 2002

last night i awoke with a film idea at 3:46 in the morning. i cannot tell it to you though for fear that the fascist elves will acquire it and manipulate it toward their goal of world domination.

went shopping today. bought clothes.

saw a shirt reading: Video games don’t affect children. If Pacman had affected us as children we would all be running around in the dark, munching candy and listening to repetitive music.

Behold! the genius that is the T-​shirt saying.