Hanged Over

Sunday, 15 September 2002

as i write this i am ex­pe­ri­enc­ing my first ever hang­over. its not too bad, but i had no idea wine would af­fect me in this way. now i do and can avoid re­peat­ing the per­for­mance. the fenc­ing par­ty last night was a good time and my croa­t­ian team­mate Ozren’s 25th(?) birth­day. who knows, hap­py birth­day to him any­way. i al­so wore my ‘AVAILABLE’ shirt last night, that i had made my fresh­man year as a joke. right across the chest in bold red let­ters is the word AVAILABLE, so its not sub­tle at all. the thing is, it seemed many chi­cas en­joyed com­ment­ing on it and com­pli­ment­ing me. they al­so want their own AVAILABLE shirts. Perhaps a pre­pon­der­ance of said shirts with said say­ing would pro­mote gen­der re­la­tions here at ND.

Behold! The T-shirt

Saturday, 17 August 2002

last night i awoke with a film idea at 3:46 in the morn­ing. i can­not tell it to you though for fear that the fas­cist elves will ac­quire it and ma­nip­u­late it to­ward their goal of world dom­i­na­tion.

went shop­ping to­day. bought clothes.

saw a shirt read­ing: Video games don’t af­fect chil­dren. If Pacman had af­fect­ed us as chil­dren we would all be run­ning around in the dark, munch­ing can­dy and lis­ten­ing to repet­i­tive mu­sic.

Behold! the ge­nius that is the T-shirt say­ing.