3 teeth

Thursday, 29 May 2003

Yessiree, you heard it here first. I truly am teething. Or, per­haps, tooth­ing, to be more pre­cise. A [sin­gu­lar] wis­dom tooth has deemed its time ripe to emerge from the evo­lu­tion­ary boon­docks that forms the back­plates of the mandible. My wis­dom tooth, in­stead of be­ing a mere nui­sance, and a rea­son for peo­ple to look like jaun­diced chip­munks upon re­moval, serves a pur­pose.

I’m pretty sure that sen­tence has way too many clauses.

I am miss­ing three teeth. One wis­dom tooth [lower left], one per­ma­nent pre­mo­lar [lower right], and the baby ver­sion of afore­men­tioned per­ma­nent pre­mo­lar. The AWOL wis­dom tooth is cool, it means when they are fi­nally yanked, only the up­per ones will come out, and the like­li­hood of dry sock­ets de­creases log­a­rith­mi­cally.

I used to have the lower right pre­mo­lar [the baby ver­sion] but when I got braces a few years ago, it needed to come out. The rea­son it had never fal­len out was be­cause I had no per­ma­nent tooth un­der­neath to re­place it.

Getting that baby tooth re­moved wasn’t peaches and cream, or even or­anges and cream, or even sour cream. It was just bad. I’ve got damn strong teeth, no cav­i­ties, no fill­ings, no prob­lems apart from be­ing a few teeth shy of a ra­tio­nal amount. This baby tooth did not want to go; it was huge, se­cure in its grip­ping power on my gums, and not about to take any sass from a den­tist.

The roots were so in­tent on be­ing im­mov­able they were as close to be­ing barbed as they could get. The nerve was sur­rounded in a per­fectly ex­e­cuted four pronged pin­cer.

So the den­tist cut it down the mid­dle with a saw and yanked out each half.

When I got my braces on, they put a bunch of torque on my lon­seome mo­lar, to bring it up next to the bi­cus­pid, to fill in the gap left by the pre­mo­lar, so my wis­dom tooth would also move for­ward, emerge and take the place of my last mo­lar.

Too many clauses again.

Thus, what I once thought of as an evo­lu­tion­ary throw­back to our more ro­bust skele­tal struc­tures, and more her­biv­o­rous or fru­giv­o­rous eat­ing be­hav­iors, ac­tu­ally serves a pur­pose for this gracile Homo sapi­ens sapi­ens[me].

I’m go­ing to suck on some ice now.