Tuesday, 11 February 2003

Millions of young men have now been vindicated by the actions of one of the greatest anathemas of our time. Steve (a.k.a. Benjamin Curtis; a.k.a. The Dell Guy) was arrested on 2÷9÷2003 for criminal possession of marijuana. Now all of the mothers, friends of mothers, aunts, great-​aunts, grandmothers, older female coworkers, lunch ladies, and nuns all must admit that we, the Young Men of America, are nothing like the Dell Guy. We do not preface or wrap-​up every sentence with the word ‘dude.’ and most importantly none of us smoke pot. not a single one. and you know it too. right now half of all the aforementioned women who know of this little newsy tidbit are thinking to themselves: ‘Oh My! Steve smokes Wacky Tabaccy? And I compared him to my own son/friend’s son/​nephew/​great-​nephew/​etc… What a horrible mistake I have made!’ the other half of the women, so convinced that the young man who happens to know which end of a mouse to click is just like Steve are thinking: ‘Does my son/friend’s son/​nephew/​great-​nephew/​etc… have a problem smoking the ganja?’ I’m sure my mom fits into this latter category.

perhaps Benjamin and Ellen Feiss the chick from the apple/​switch ad should get together…