Friday Jabber

Friday, 13 September 2002

Happy Friday the 13th! Waking Life was very interesting animation indeed. at times the dialogue (indeed for most of the middle part of the film) was heavy-​handed timeless philosophizing, stuff that is permanently asked and never answered. it was damn trippy to watch though. today i have meeting galore. and now:

The Friday mp3.

today the Friday mp3 is brought to you by The Shins. These guys are from Tucson, AZ and at first I didn’t dig them too much because I thought all of their songs sounded like they were stoned. They grew on me however, their harmonies remind me of classic country and bluegrass music, but what strikes me most is their ability to sound like a different band with each song, Sort of like the Union Underground, but not goth. Caring is Creepy in particular I think could have been easily produced by Robert Smith over in Bonny Britain. So without further adieu I give you New Slang.

Upcoming Concerts

Thursday, 1 August 2002

I’m starting to get hyped up, in a week i get to go see David Bowie and Moby on the Area2 tour, and Juliana Hatfield. Plus I’m going to get to chill with some friends a I haven’t seen in awhile in Chicago. I’ve also been listening to some new music. my buddy Matt recommended Dovetail Joint, they sound pretty good although i’ve only got one song so far. Phil always has the hook up and I’ve listening to alot more Self lately. (Rolling Stone says they are an industrial pop band, is that even possible)? On my own I found out about The Shins. They are just ok. A little too mellow and spaced-​out for my taste. They seem like they are a rip-​off clone band, but I’m not sure. As always I need new musical groups to listen to. Feed me people! What have you listened to lately that has inspired you?

I’m going to talk about the Machines of Loving Grace again. This early industrial band from Tucson, Arizona is just plain badass. I was in Tucson when they started to get popular but unfortunately I was also only 11 and hadn’t heard of the bastards. I don’t think I have come across another band with such a large repetoire of brooding melodic and percussive songs that are all of rather high quality. Its a shame they didn’t get big. If you have The Crow Soundtrack (everyone should) you’ll probably recognize their song Golgotha Tenement Blues.