Consummatum est

Top­ic pro­vid­ed by Miles Budimir was: “2nd law of ther­mo­dy­nam­ics (entropy, etc…)”

Writ­ing time: 47 min­utes.

Dis­card­ed ideas: empiricism/mysticism, using wry­neck form

Kept ideas: cat­a­log, light tone with seri­ous top­ic

I shall fall off a cliff and die
and like a blind dog falling off the same cliff,
my son will die, and his son; 
from that same cliff until, one day, that
fucking cliff will fall off itself.

its crumbs shall crumble into themselves
until the earth becomes a peppery dust
that makes the sun sneeze; blown away. 

The waning moon will wonder 
what it did deserve this. 

                                yea verily,
and the sun shall use the last 
fingernail crescent of the moon for a
toothpick before going nova.

the empty wake of space will lap against itself
for a bit, and at that ceasing; here,
after the end of time, and not since before the beginning
of time, for the second time,
it may be quiet enough to think.