Concerts and Catchup

Monday, 20 May 2002

5.20.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 9:44pm NIGHT

i’ve got a lot to talk about.

home was good, i stayed just long enough but didn’t see a whole lot of mom which i know she doesn’t like. bo and kerris place in chicago was pretty nice as well, the q101 jamboree wasn’t very fun. the bands i saw were ZWAN, Tenacious D, The Strokes, Hoobastank, Thursday, and Our Lady Peace. There were others there as well but i didn’t go to the second stage to see them because they aren’t any good. The only bands i actually enjoyed were ZWAN and The Strokes. Billy’s New Band has a nice new sound, and listening to the Strokes live convinced me that they have avoided the simulacrum the recording an album so often creates, i’m going to buy their music once i have the chance. i want to go back to chicago sometime and see some bands and go to some of the stores near bo and kerris apartment. i’m definitely going to visit phil and kyle down at Purdue this summer as well. i have more fun hanging out with those guys than with anyone else. kyle pointed out that this weekend the five of us (bo, kerri, phil, kyle, and myself) are all artists of some type and get along well because of it. coming back to ND was strange since i am living in a different dorm in a room to myself. the weather is the same and has been for all too long, overcast and around 40 (with occasional bouts of rain to liven things up). i have assigned bo and phil to send me one new musical influence every week. i hope they follow through with it (HINT HINT).

i don’t know if i am made to live in the city or live in the country. there are so many interesting things to see in the city that spark my curiousity, but at the same time the pastoral simplicity of the country suits my temperament more i believe. i still haven’t seen Star Wars but hopefully that will be remedied on wednesday. i’m going to have to redesign this damn site again, or at least get a new background and figure out what the hell is wrong with the frames since i saw how crappy it looks on an ibook. that is all for now. i have to be at work at 9 tomorrer.