Consummatum est

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Topic provided by Miles Budimir was: “2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy, etc…)”

Writing time: 47 minutes.

Discarded ideas: empiricism/​mysticism, using wryneck form

Kept ideas: catalog, light tone with serious topic

I shall fall off a cliff and die
and like a blind dog falling off the same cliff,
my son will die, and his son; 
from that same cliff until, one day, that
fucking cliff will fall off itself.

its crumbs shall crumble into themselves
until the earth becomes a peppery dust
that makes the sun sneeze; blown away. 

The waning moon will wonder 
what it did deserve this. 

                                yea verily,
and the sun shall use the last 
fingernail crescent of the moon for a
toothpick before going nova.

the empty wake of space will lap against itself
for a bit, and at that ceasing; here,
after the end of time, and not since before the beginning
of time, for the second time,
it may be quiet enough to think.

Bad Karma and America Bashing

Friday, 5 July 2002

it would have been bad karma to bash the american media about patriotism yesterday so i held off until today. on my shift wednesday night i was glancing through a Time and Newsweek and marveled at the amount of propaganda that was present in the publications. This is eerily like the development of the fascist system in Orwell’s 1984. every article and many of the advertisements promoted a sort of blind unquestioning allegiance toward new policy and other government action. Patriotism it appears, has reached the point where either you must support every aspect of government or be in league with terrorists. i imagine the mccarthy era was like this except instead of being a pinko commie, you are helping out Islamic fanatics. the last time i checked, there wasn’t a law against this but now it appears that the Patriot Bill and office of Homeland Security have changed our civil liberties in some very fundamental ways. That is scary enough, but when our source of ‘free’ speech effectively condemns all naysaying I feel a little claustrophobic. Why for instance do we need another government oversight administration for the citizens, if the FBI and CIA aren’t working well, then make them better, don’t create a new system. its like taking a car to the junkyard because it has a flat tire and then asking the GM to build you a new one from scratch. as far as i can tell, the US is losing the war on terrorism, because the US isn’t quite the land of the free that it used to be.

as for the whole pledge of allegiance mumbojumbo, will the separation between church and state reach the point where ‘God Bless America” is banned and religious lobbyists are prevented from expressing their desires for new legislations? will religion end up being banned altogether since the USA as an entity allows churches on her soil. i can see it coming. dubya’s government is a scary scary thing.

i’d better hop on my plane to Pakistan now since it is obvious from the previous paragraphs that i am a cause of the problem and not just an American exercising my right to free speech. omygod they are here already, banging on the door! i haven’t even posted yet.! big brother is everywhere!