Day on the Job

Tuesday, 21 May 2002

5.21.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 7:01pm DAY

well i’ve changed the damn thing again. hope­ful­ly i al­so solved the prob­lem with the way it looks on macs and less­er ver­sions of ex­plor­er. have i? do tell.

any­way, i spent the day mov­ing unix en­gi­neer­ing com­put­ers made by Sun Microsystems across cam­pus. those bas­tards are heavy, the mon­i­tors weigh about 40 pounds each and the CPU it­self is al­most as hefty. the guy that is liv­ing next to me is an­noy­ing.

i am go­ing to reg­is­ter or​gan​icme​chan​ic​.org for my site and hope­ful­ly i won’t be hid­ing be­hind a tilde (~) any­more. its re­al­ly cheap so i’m glad. i might even get a sep­a­rate site for my writ­ings (yes matt, i know this is copy­ing from your buddy’s sites but i think it is a good idea) if i do so it will ei­ther be called di­vide­byze­ro or ver­balimpo­tence. which do you like the best?

i’ve added a new link to my bud­dy je­re­my and put up a song by the prozak kit­tens and a new link in id­io­cy.

there is a small stick­er above the uri­nal in the bath­room here that says “toi­let cam­era for re­search use on­ly” wtf? it is hid­ing in the vent and watch­ing me piss. big broth­er is every­where. i think it is there to ob­serve who flush­es and who don’t. what fab­u­lous things peo­ple study. is it from bore­dom or de­men­tia?

to­day i am loopy