Made for TV Movie

I had a nice week­end. Fri­day, I made a new friend and stayed up all night watch­ing movies with her. We watched Mon­ty Python and the Holy Grail, Trainspot­ting, and If These Walls Could Talk. This last movie she had rent­ed because it had Cher in it. It was an awful movie; it had an all­star cast, Demi Moore, Anne Heche, Sis­sy Spacek, Cher, Craig T. Nel­son and Matthew Lil­lard (Cere­al Killer from Hack­ers and most recent­ly Shag­gy from Scoo­by-Doo). Noth­ing redeem­ing about it, it watched like a MFTVM and fed off of the con­tro­ver­sy cen­ter­ing on abor­tion for the past 50 years. bleah. Cher (play­ing an abor­tion doc­tor) got shot by Matthew Lil­lard. She’s come a long way since Wild on the Beach. You’ve got­ta love the old­style teen­pic. bleah. It was a sur­pris­ing­ly gory film. Any­way, we were up till 5 in the morn­ing watch­ing said films and then, as the sun rose, I head­ed home for some som­no­lence. Twas good times.

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update: If These Walls Could Talk IS a MFTVM. yep i sure can call ‘em. I also got the pop­up thing work­ing thanks to this place. Ver­bal Impo­tence has been redesigned.