First Game un­der Ty

Sunday, 1 September 2002

What a foot­ball game! Notre Dame didn’t play the best foot­ball in the world but it was 5 times as sol­id an in­fi­nite­ly more un­pre­dictable than our game un­der the Davie Régime. I don’t know how many times i heard the phrase “West Coast Offense’ used, but it be­came rather grat­ing. But in the end all that mat­tered is that we shut out the 20th ranked Maryland Terrapins and our de­fense was out­stand­ing. Go Irish and wel­come Tyrone Willingham!

al­so of note: last night i met my first fresh­men girls of the year. they were all very pret­ty and they seemed to like us up­per­class­men bet­ter than the Frosh guys in our sec­tion. Aimee, Jenny, Maureen, and Alex. Now the ques­tion is will we ever see these live­ly young ladies ever again? If things pro­ceed in the typ­i­cal Notre Dame fash­ion, prob­a­bly not, but I would like to get to know them alot bet­ter.