Day on the Job

Tuesday, 21 May 2002

5.21.02 INT. SIEGFRIED HALL RM 450 7:01pm DAY

well i’ve changed the damn thing again. hopefully i also solved the problem with the way it looks on macs and lesser versions of explorer. have i? do tell.

anyway, i spent the day moving unix engineering computers made by Sun Microsystems across campus. those bastards are heavy, the monitors weigh about 40 pounds each and the CPU itself is almost as hefty. the guy that is living next to me is annoying.

i am going to register organicmechanic​.org for my site and hopefully i won’t be hiding behind a tilde (~) anymore. its really cheap so i’m glad. i might even get a separate site for my writings (yes matt, i know this is copying from your buddy’s sites but i think it is a good idea) if i do so it will either be called dividebyzero or verbalimpotence. which do you like the best?

i’ve added a new link to my buddy jeremy and put up a song by the prozak kittens and a new link in idiocy.

there is a small sticker above the urinal in the bathroom here that says “toilet camera for research use only” wtf? it is hiding in the vent and watching me piss. big brother is everywhere. i think it is there to observe who flushes and who don’t. what fabulous things people study. is it from boredom or dementia?

today i am loopy