Thursday, 5 December 2002

last night was spent do­ing an­oth­er cut of Vice Versa. I tight­ened up a few shots and did con­sid­er­able work edit­ing the end­ing col­li­sion se­quence. its still miss­ing one more thing ap­par­ent­ly. if i had got­ten a few re­ac­tion shots and maybe an­oth­er take or two, i’d be set. there is still some­thing about ac­tu­al­ly cut­ting film that i love, much more than fark­ing around on a dig­i­tal ed­i­tor. run­ning the film through my hands, look­ing at the nor­mal­ly in­de­ci­pher­able sym­bols and words on Academy Leader and know­ing what they mean. its like i’ve been ini­ti­at­ed in­to a se­cret group or some­thing. of course, it is rep­e­ti­tious. but at like prac­tic­ing for fenc­ing, it is a rep­e­ti­tion that re­sults in im­proved tech­nique. noth­ing at all like work­ing for the an­thro de­part­ment where rep­e­ti­tion ex­ists for its own sake.

Assembly of Vice Versa

Monday, 25 November 2002

last night i put to­geth­er an as­sem­bly of the rush­es for Vice Versa. i think to­day we’ll prob­a­bly watch them in class. I’m pret­ty sure the rest of class time is go­ing to be spent watch­ing clips. and talk­ing about clips. or lis­ten­ing to Bill talk about clips. in minute and down­ward spi­ral­ing de­tail. i’d much rather just jump on the Steenbeck and go to town.