End of Summer

Thursday, 22 August 2002

the summer is over. it was a good summer. i read very much. Its a tossup as to whether Walden or A Clockwork Orange was my favorite read. Pretty different books, eh? I wasn’t quite as active as I wished to be, but I got 6 more fencing lessons than I expected. I watched Lawrence of Arabia yesterday. I wish they still made movies like they did back in the day. I also watched Gosford Park today. It was alright, but nothing compared to Lawrence.

i leave for school on Saturday. I’m almost totally packed and ready to bust out. Connersville is boring boring boring. Especially when all your friends are already back at school. stupid ND starts and ends a week after everyone else. I’ve already started reading some of the books for my classes. Yes, that is incredibly nerdy, but its not so much to get ahead as the fact that the books are pretty damn interesting. right now i’m starting reel to real: race, sex, and class at the movies by bell hooks. it is pretty damn interesting so far.