US History and Extra Credit

Tuesday, 9 July 2002

Yesterday, I read Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs. It has been on my list of books to read since Dr. Ledman’s US History class ju­nior year of high school when Phil cor­rect­ly an­swered one of his father’s ridicu­lous ex­tra cred­it ques­tions. They nev­er had any­thing to do with US his­to­ry per se and were al­ways con­cerned with ei­ther the beat gen­er­a­tion or Pink Floyd. Well, now I lis­ten to Pink Floyd and have pret­ty much ex­haust­ed the beat au­thors so US History wasn’t a waste. Oh yeah, President Taft was one fat mo­fo, I re­mem­ber that as well.

Anyway, Naked Lunch was not as good as I had hoped. It was, for the most part, pure hal­lu­ci­na­to­ry de­scrip­tion rife with ex­plic­it ho­mo­erot­ic im­agery. There were mo­ments of strik­ing satire, but the con­stant in­dwelling phi­los­o­phy on ad­dic­tion took its toll. A few posts ago, I bitched about over­ly clever de­scrip­tion that ful­fills no pur­pose. I’ve just read a whole book full of it.

It al­so seems that I am be­gin­ning a new unit in my sum­mer read­ing en­ti­tled DRUGS. The next book I am start­ing to­day is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. I know Huxley was an ad­dict, and all I know about Brave New World is that it is a dystopia ei­ther along the same lines as 1984 or it has some­thing to do with cloning or per­haps the tra­vails of an ad­dict­ed so­ci­ety. hel­li­fi­know.