Monday, 23 June 2003

I’ve been struggling with poetry lately. I feel that mine is too cerebral, I feel I make people work too hard. When I try to open the access, I lose something along the way, and I’m not quite too sure what it is. All that I seem left with is ‘wry.’ Twists and turns of phrase, word play, gives a feeling of wryness, but naught else.

In short, I feel stuck in a rut, and without inspiration, or direction. I am finding it hard to go anywhere new, because I am focused on where I’ve been. The anthropologist in me [the person who is interested in things people are interested in] does not know where to go next.

Here is where you come in.

I think if I get feedback from people, or rules to follow, what not to do, what new to try, et cetera, I might get my head around this writer’s apathy. In short, I’m asking for advice, and assignments.

I don’t pretend toward any type of writing talent, but I know I can do better than what I do currently. My best is all I ask of me. But, I’m not sure I can do my best without y’all.