Y Tu Mama Tambien

Friday, 17 January 2003

af­ter see­ing Y tu Mam Tambien last evening i de­cid­ed to go with a song by non­point called orgul­lo. that’s span­ish for pride. the whole song is in span­ish, so i on­ly un­der­stand one word in ten but it still kicks ass. as for the movie, its been awhile since i’ve seen un­ortho­dox edit­ing and hand­held cam­era work so well in a film with­out call­ing too much at­ten­tion to it­self. per­son­al­ly, i thought the movie was great. an aquain­tance of mine who was al­so there thought it was hor­ri­ble. too much sex and curs­ing and noth­ing hap­pen­ing. he asked if most for­eign films were like this. i told him they were usu­al­ly much more frank about life in gen­er­al, in­clud­ing sex, than amer­i­can films, but that you’re mom too went a bit far­ther even for that. my com­ing of age was nev­er like that.