Zoe Beloff

Saturday, 12 October 2002

Thursday and yesterday, experimental filmmaker Zoe Beloff was on campus. On Thursday she presented two 3-​D film works and on friday she showed 2 of her digital works. The 3-​D films were a trip, i’ll tell you that. Not only were they in 3-​D, which she jerry-​rigged from parts scrounged from flea markets, they were also avant-​garde in content which made them trippy experiences. the digital works were just as interesting in a totally different manner. they were like ‘choose-​your-​own-​avant-​garde-​adventure’ interactive cdroms. friday evening i went over to my professor’s house for a party for Zoe. I was the youngest person there, but i’m always comfortable around older folks. The kind of party it was, was the kind of party i like most. Lots of intellectual chat.

I also got the perfect place scouted for my film shoot. turns out the guy who owns the place went to school with Syd Pollack and is going to give me full run of the damn place. suh-​wee