A Good Day

I was chas­tised today for not writ­ing on this thing fre­quent­ly enough, so here’s what today was like.

Bram woke up and crawled into bed with me around 7:15 AM and then I got a call from my mom with a com­put­er issue around 7:30. Washed, break­fast­ed and bored by 10, we head­ed to the Cleve­land Metroparks Zoo and heard the fol­low­ing jokes while on the heat­ed tram between North­ern Trek & the Cathouse:

  • Q: Where does a kan­ga­roo go for break­fast?
    A: IHOP.
  • Q: Where does a kan­ga­roo go for din­ner?
    A: Out­back.
  • Q: Why don’t seag­ulls fly over the bay?
    A: Then they’d be bagels.
  • Q: When an ele­phant goes on a trip where does he pack his clothes?
    A: In his trunk.
  • Q: How do you stop an ele­phant from charg­ing?
    A: Take away his cred­it cards.

Inci­den­tal­ly, the zoo is half price admis­sion when the tem­per­a­ture is below freez­ing, so we both got in for $6 total. We saw a goril­la eat­ing its own feces in the same man­ner that a oenophile enjoys a nice glass. I told Abra­ham not to get any ideas. I also ran into my friend Alice, which is always a nice sur­prise.

Had lunch and sat with Bram until he fell asleep for a long nap, dur­ing which time I goofed around on the inter­net. After nap­time we went sled­ding at Clark Fields, which is per­fect for tod­dlers but exhaust­ing for dads car­ry­ing tod­dlers & sleds back up snowy hills. Since I car­ried him through­out the zoo as well, I got a pret­ty good work­out today. After din­ner we watched the Sylvester Stal­lone episode of the Mup­pet Show & put togeth­er a big Thomas the Tank Engine puz­zle (he’s get­ting real­ly good with puz­zles).

UPDATE: I also pro­grammed two macros into my remote (some­thing I should have done ages ago) and lis­tened to my vinyl of Baroness’ Blue Record which made me ful­ly appre­ci­ate the mon­ey I shelled out for nice speak­ers.

Once he conks out I’m either going to have some hot choco­late with Bailey’s or a bour­bon & Dr. Pep­per.