Cosmic Joke

Sometimes I wonder if I am the butt of a cosmic joke. I’m doing better though. Enlightenment. I am invincible. I’ve got RA interviews tonight. I hope they go well. If I get selected it will save my momma about 6k in college expenses next year. God will do as he deigns. All you have to do is realize how weak you are and then you can become stronger than those who remain ignorant. My friend says HACK THE PLANET! whatever that means, (it’s from Hackers but beyond that who the hell knows). I think I’m over my problem if I can maintain proper distance. I should be Shao-​lin. I miss fencing, the feel of an epe? in my hand and the ebb and flow of the bout. Once the damn doctor gets back from his frikin month-​long vacation perhaps he will decide my dislocated knee is healthy enough to begin practice again. Perhaps I should become an ascetic. It has a nice ring to it right now. Strip myself of all irrelevancies and discover myself in the process. Like that is ever going to happen. Mom says my usual depressed mode is from the Superbowl till Valentine’s Day. We’ll see. Remember the stupid elementary school game MASH????