Darth Maul’s Ass

my fever has broken for the time being, but i still have these aches and weird tingly and stretchy feelings. i think some unknown force is under the impression that i am silly putty. anyway. some site issues. you will need Internet Explorer version 5 or higher to get this to appear properly if you are using netscape i don’t know what the hell is wrong with the page. it is also optimized for 1024×768 screen resolution. and i’ve added a new link to another one of my buddies. our film is too short due to lack of enough good shots but its creepy and that is good. i had some beef stroganoff last night, thinking that a homecooked meal would be fine for my stomach but i yarfed it up a few hours later. i’ve also been playing Jedi Power Battles, and today i kicked Darth Maul’s ass. thank you.