Fencing Lesson

yeah, well i’m outta control. i’ve also got this embarassing personal problem that i’ve had for several weeks now. its uncomfortable and makes me very self-​conscious. and i don;t know how to fix it apart from going to the doctor. and i don’t have time for that.

the above was just filler until i could actually have a moment to write. film shooting is eating up my week as tonight i will be spending the whole evening crewing for some classmates. tomorrow = more of same. today i had a good fencing lesson with janusz, my point control was dead on for the most part. at the end i learned a new action: beat-​8 flèche to the arm with a remise to the body. for the layman, that basically means i used my blade to knock theirs toward the ground, then leapt at them point-​of-​the-​blade first and tried to hit them on the wrist, failing that on the body. i enjoyed it and i want to make it useful. i’m going to try and start using it in the bout.