Chair; Anhydrous

chair.jpg Pull up a seat folks, randomness is the somethingerother du jour. There is actually some important info buried in this crap too. I’ve been thinking alot about moral relativity lately; and my faith. But not always at the same time. Further cogitations will likely arise.

Moose Trap: It has been suggested to me that I fill the empty space in my cubicle with a moose head. Then when I am bored I can sit astride it and pretend I am riding a moose. So I trapped one.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. My mother [may Dog have mercy on her soul] might be coming up to visit ’round that time. Ostensibly this is to help me with stuff I’ll need for my apartment, but in truth I think she moreso wants to make sure I am not leading a dissolute life and hanging out with weirdos. I’m thinking about cooking up this for Thanksgiving if she comes up.

This game: ai pengo, is great fun with groovy 1980s synthesizer dance music. It involves penguins and crushing monsters with ice.

Subliminal Self has another show upcoming. I’ll be on the keys for four tunes. An eclectic night of electronic music:

Friday, October 22nd
At the Hi-Fi Club [most poorly designed site ever.]
11729 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood, Ohio

With performances by:

“Independent artists, lushwell combine break-through technology and more traditional instruments to create an infusion of electronica and genre’s spanning from rock, r&b and pop. All three members combine their musical talents, thoughts, and philosophies to create an emotional journey for the listener. ”

Subliminal Self
“Dark synth-pop punctuated by dance beats with influences ranging from Depeche Mode and Gary Numan to Clan of Xymox and Attrition”

“20goto10 cultivate[s] its kinetic synth pop sound through trial and error, emerging with something at once startlingly fresh and fluent in the aural syntax of classic synth music.”

Along with:
Ethereal Transmission
DJ Leandro

The show starts @ 8.00
Admission is $5.00 for 21+, $8.00 for 18-20
Proper ID is required

If you are looking for 1950s kitschy clip art check out Tack-O-Rama. I found it from this list.

Some yokel threw something from their car window a week or so ago and it bounced and nailed my headlight. The light didn’t go out until a few days ago. So I need to call some place to get a new bulb put in before I head home in a couple of weeks.

Also, I lost my ATM card the other day, but called in and got a hold put on the account until I get my new card. I was so freaking starving that I must have forgotten to pick it up from the machine.

I want a noren curtain.

7 thoughts on “Chair; Anhydrous

  1. you no know how to change the bulb for your headlight yourself? if not, i can help ya. and i’ll only charge you $5, half the price of what they’ll probably charge you at the mechanics.

  2. The bulb is shattered, not just the filament. Thankfully the plastic shield is still in place. I might take you up on it. I need to take a closer look at it when it is both light and not pouring cold rain outside.

  3. The Hi-Fi Club huh? Well all I can say is don’t sit on the couches. I think disease and infections spawn there. I was shooting worried looks the entire time my mom was sitting on them. I don’t think cleanliness has visited the Hi-Fi “Club” in quite some time.

  4. Over the weekend, I heard this recipe for White Castle Hamburger Stuffing (yes, as in turkey stuffing made out of White Castle hamburgers) lauded like Christopher Reeve parading into Nazareth astride Dolly the Sheep.

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