Landshire Supreme Chicken Salad Sandwich and Porkies Crispy Fried Pork Rinds

My quest to eat all the crap in the vending machine downstairs led me to the Landshire Supreme Chicken Salad Sandwich, today. I paired this with a bag of Porkies Crispy Fried Pork Rinds.

For $1.85 you receive a 4.5 ounce chicken salad sandwich. This sandwich isn’t nearly as stuffed with chicken salad as the picture seems to suggest. In fact, I wasn’t quite sure there was any chicken salad between the bread at all. Something was holding the halved slices together though, maybe it was just specific gravity. Anyway, when I pulled the slices of bread open there wasn’t much to see. Maybe a little something that could have been the skin of a red pepper long long ago, but nothing definitive. The bread was a bit moist, but not quite soggy. Overall, it wasn’t that bad. Reminded me of infinite PBJs from GrabNGo at Notre Dame.

The Pork Rinds on the other hand… 45¢ for a half ounce of utter shit. I’d never had pork rinds before, because I was intelligent when I was younger. Imagine some nasty crotch-rotting crotch gets covered in barbecue powder, deep fried, burned and then the ashes are formed into little chunks like dried phlegm. I ate probably 1/4 of the half ounce. I couldn’t make myself continue. *blorf*

This meal wasn’t as exciting as the others.

7 thoughts on “Landshire Supreme Chicken Salad Sandwich and Porkies Crispy Fried Pork Rinds

  1. The Landshire chicken salad on “honey wheat” bread is relatively inoffensive. Not good, mind you, but it has to be better than that alleged fish you tried the other day. What kind of chicken salad do you expect for $1.75? One with actual pieces of chicken?

  2. Matt, I think I could get more chicken from a Chikin ‘n a Biskit cracker than in that whole sammich.

    Jeff, I eat healthily in the evenings and go running, the only thing I’m going to allow to kill my liver is Ketel One, Stoli or Grey Goose.

  3. I saw a guy at work eat a chicken sandwich from the vending machine. I thought about you. He said it was not “too” bad. It looked really bland, white and soft but after he poured mayo on it, it did not looked so bad. Then I thought, is that why women wear make-up?

  4. Shalom Daniella,

    Maybe not. But it is the reason I think women shouldn’t wear makeup. I hold the personal belief that no woman is quite so beautiful as she is in the first 30 seconds after she wakes up in the morning.



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