Landshire Supreme Chicken Salad Sandwich and Porkies Crispy Fried Pork Rinds

My quest to eat all the crap in the vend­ing machine down­stairs led me to the Land­shire Supreme Chick­en Sal­ad Sand­wich, today. I paired this with a bag of Porkies Crispy Fried Pork Rinds.

For $1.85 you receive a 4.5 ounce chick­en sal­ad sand­wich. This sand­wich isn’t near­ly as stuffed with chick­en sal­ad as the pic­ture seems to sug­gest. In fact, I was­n’t quite sure there was any chick­en sal­ad between the bread at all. Some­thing was hold­ing the halved slices togeth­er though, maybe it was just spe­cif­ic grav­i­ty. Any­way, when I pulled the slices of bread open there was­n’t much to see. Maybe a lit­tle some­thing that could have been the skin of a red pep­per long long ago, but noth­ing defin­i­tive. The bread was a bit moist, but not quite sog­gy. Over­all, it was­n’t that bad. Remind­ed me of infi­nite PBJs from Grab­N­Go at Notre Dame.

The Pork Rinds on the oth­er hand… 45¢ for a half ounce of utter shit. I’d nev­er had pork rinds before, because I was intel­li­gent when I was younger. Imag­ine some nasty crotch-rot­ting crotch gets cov­ered in bar­be­cue pow­der, deep fried, burned and then the ash­es are formed into lit­tle chunks like dried phlegm. I ate prob­a­bly 1/4 of the half ounce. I could­n’t make myself con­tin­ue. *blorf*

This meal was­n’t as excit­ing as the oth­ers.

7 thoughts on “Landshire Supreme Chicken Salad Sandwich and Porkies Crispy Fried Pork Rinds”

  1. The Land­shire chick­en sal­ad on “hon­ey wheat” bread is rel­a­tive­ly inof­fen­sive. Not good, mind you, but it has to be bet­ter than that alleged fish you tried the oth­er day. What kind of chick­en sal­ad do you expect for $1.75? One with actu­al pieces of chick­en?

  2. Matt, I think I could get more chick­en from a Chikin ‘n a Biskit crack­er than in that whole sam­mich.

    Jeff, I eat health­ily in the evenings and go run­ning, the only thing I’m going to allow to kill my liv­er is Ketel One, Stoli or Grey Goose.

  3. I saw a guy at work eat a chick­en sand­wich from the vend­ing machine. I thought about you. He said it was not “too” bad. It looked real­ly bland, white and soft but after he poured mayo on it, it did not looked so bad. Then I thought, is that why women wear make-up?

  4. Shalom Adam,

    You know, the guy who did this sort of thing in Super Size Me end­ed up with liv­er dam­age.

    Be care­ful.



  5. Shalom Daniel­la,

    Maybe not. But it is the rea­son I think women should­n’t wear make­up. I hold the per­son­al belief that no woman is quite so beau­ti­ful as she is in the first 30 sec­onds after she wakes up in the morn­ing.



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