Well, I’m fin­ished putting to­geth­er my Tremont spe­cif­ic weblog and bul­letin board. I was go­ing to wait till May to tell every­one, but since I’m on­ly left with the nev­erend­ing “adding of con­tent” phase, I thought I might as well get it over with. Now I’ve just got to get the word out around Tremont. The site is tremon​ter​.com. Any and all sug­ges­tions are wel­come.

10 thoughts on “Tremonter​.com

  1. Damn this is com­ing along re­al­ly nice­ly, bitch.

    I am look­ing for­ward to hav­ing a nice cen­tral­ized source for Tremont in­for­ma­tion since I am a lazy-ass and won’t seek it out oth­er­wise.

    Keep on keep­ing on. Is gonna be a nice lit­tle place of com­mu­ni­ty.

  2. Tremont-cen­tric for now. It might ven­ture up to the WSM area a bit, but most like­ly not any deep­er. Thanks for the en­cour­age­ment.

  3. Hey Harvey, I think you’re off to a fan­tas­tic start! If you ever want to brain­storm to­geth­er, we can do it over beer, cof­fee or chai your Tremont way or my Lakewood di­rec­tion… or in front of your com­put­er might make more sense. Anyway, I’m here if you need me, but you’re doin’ great with­out me!

    All the Best,
    Steve FitzGerald
    lake​wood​buzz​.com founder
    and “Lakewood Life” blog­ger on cleve​land​.com

  4. If you would al­low me to art di­rect…

    The head­er right now is scream­ing at me, mak­ing me hur­ried­ly scroll down so it is not vis­i­ble. Can you shrink both the type and the height of the head­er? This would al­so help with the fact that un­less my brows­er is max­i­mized, I on­ly see TREMO when I load it.

  5. Funny — when Patrick and I first moved to Tremont, there was a com­mu­ni­ty web­site called Tremonter. No one up­dat­ed it tho, and so it died.

  6. I say that’s a damn good web­site, and I say it looka mighty nice to me. Will it be ex­clu­sive­ly Tremont, or will it ven­ture out to Ohio City now and again?

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