Zen Sunflower

A sunflower is grown tall
between the path stones.
A month ago I paid it
no mind.
Now it sheds pollen
in my hair. Come
here, chuckling bees.

Running Racing and Ruminating

Thursday, 28 July 2005

I’ve been doing pretty good on the running front this summer. At least, I’ve kept with it, despite not really having a regular schedule. Finally, this week, I found my stride again. I’ve also managed to start running for longer periods, I’m now up to 45 minutes with ease. Now, I plan on running a marathon before I turn 30, so if I get a bit of fire lit under my ass this year from running, I’ll probably start seriously training. I’m running in two upcoming 5ks, the Billy Bass Run to Help in August, and the Race for the Cure in October. It is somewhat strange though, while running is slowly putting me back in semblance of shape, I think it is wearing my gimp knee out. Either that or the age of the injury is starting to show itself. I believe I am starting to develop a slight but permanent limp. It isn’t slowing me down at all, but I think I’m rocking back and forth a bit more than usual when I walk. I also got some catcalls and whistles while running down West 25th yesterday. I’m used to getting heckled while running, thankfully the ‘Run Forrest Run’ days are long past, but getting ogled while running is something new.

Stevenson’s Hamburgers in Euclid

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

In my ongoing quest [previous reviews: Heck’s; Swenson’s] to find the best burger in Cleveland, I took a trip out to Euclid with Five Dollar Beer last night to check out Stevenson’s Hamburgers. We learned about this place from the honorable FoodGoat. This was a damn good hamburger, definitely the winner from the three burger-​centric places I’ve been so far. Damned inexpensive too, which makes this cheap bastard quite happy.
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Adventures in Tremont

Monday, 25 July 2005

I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out at the local ice cream place. I killed a couple of hours there early Friday evening, shooting the shit with the folks that work there and a couple more hours yesterday, where one of the workers directed me to the site of her semi-​nude photos. [!] I think I know everyone that works there by name now. In between these dairy discussions I spent a few hours grilling dogs and burgers for my Auburn Block club, where I met Scott Radke and his wife Sara and baby daughter, Bella. Scott is the dude responsible for most of the outdoor art that can be found in Tremont. On Saturday evening, after I warshed off the grill smell I went to another party which culminated in drunken truth-​or-​dare Jenga and street-​licking. I thought I had a good dare “Pick two more dares”, but another partygoer came up with the dare “Knock over the Jenga tower.” Which, I believe, has now had its jersey retired. Knocking over the Jenga tower means you have to do 3 more dares. It seemed like everyone in the neighborhood was having a little get-​together on Saturday. Even stumbling home at 2:15am I still ran into people I knew, stumbling in the opposite direction. That was a pretty cool feeling. Or maybe I was just drunk.


I’m a big dumbass for not thinking De-​Lovely, a movie about Cole Porter, would be a musical. Of course it was a musical, you big dumbass! Not you. Me. I don’t particularly like musicals, so bear that in mind as I review this one.
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