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Pierre Foods Fast Choice® Pizza Charbroil with Cheese

The vendy is almost empty this Friday. Someone, other than me, has been eating stuff from it. I hypothesize that the folks working all night on the 4th floor are to blame. All that was left in the machine were things I’d already eaten [Muffin, Chicken Salad, Pickle] except for a chimichanga and what I […]

Running Racing and Ruminating

I’ve been doing pretty good on the running front this summer. At least, I’ve kept with it, despite not really having a regular schedule. Finally, this week, I found my stride again. I’ve also managed to start running for longer periods, I’m now up to 45 minutes with ease. Now, I plan on running a […]

Stevenson’s Hamburgers in Euclid

In my ongoing quest [previous reviews: Heck’s; Swenson’s] to find the best burger in Cleveland, I took a trip out to Euclid with Five Dollar Beer last night to check out Stevenson’s Hamburgers. We learned about this place from the honorable FoodGoat. This was a damn good hamburger, definitely the winner from the three burger-centric […]

Adventures in Tremont

I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out at the local ice cream place. I killed a couple of hours there early Friday evening, shooting the shit with the folks that work there and a couple more hours yesterday, where one of the workers directed me to the site of her semi-nude photos. [!] […]


I’m a big dumbass for not thinking De-Lovely, a movie about Cole Porter, would be a musical. Of course it was a musical, you big dumbass! Not you. Me. I don’t particularly like musicals, so bear that in mind as I review this one.

Thursday Night Recap

I had a busy day yesterday. After work, I put another coat of polyurethane on my kitchen table, then went for a run, which ended up becoming an abbreviated hill workout. Abbreviated because I bombed out early. I usually run at around 8, not 4:30. When I got back and cooled off I made blackened […]

Weblogs I Read

I visit every weblog on my sidebar every day, I also visit the ones on my [woefully outdated] link list a few times a week. Since bunches of the other Cleveland webloggers are posting about which blogs they read, I’ll do the same, but a bit different as well.

Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee

As was recommended to me, I read J. M. Coetzee‘s Disgrace. And indeed it was a good book. Folks seem to like calling Coetzee’s writing “sparse;” and I guess you could say that. I tend to think that writers who are wordy don’t really know what they are trying to say. What comes through with […]

Weirdest Dream Ever

I had a new weird dream last night. It took place in this pseudo-neo-gotham-trenchtown hybrid city; always night. and I was trying to catch up with this girl because she had some sort of information that was crucial for some sort of reason. Its one of those, “the person you are looking for is always […]

Rain Running

I took a run last night at around 8 and got caught in the rainstorm about 1/3 of the way through. It was awesome. I’ve always loved running in the rain, all you have to concentrate on then is how much you hurt, no need to worry about how hot you are. The first few […]

Mother Visit

I had a long and busy weekend since my mom was in town. I managed to finally get to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we had a great dinner at Parallax, my corn plant was divided and repotted, so now my cage cube is a bit nicer. She also helped me sand my […]


Parallax is one of Tremont’s newest restaurants. I had the privilege of eating there this evening. While the prices are up there, the quality of the food is worth every penny. Full review past the jump.

Mean Note

In the tradition of Maddox and Found, I bring you this hybrid of both, which ended up on the windshield of my car this past Saturday at the WSM.

Vera Drake

As far as movies about abortion go, Vera Drake [Leigh, 2004] seems easier to understand in the context of British class issues than the contemporary abortion debate. I guess the whole movie is about context, really. So I’ll try to make my way through some of it past the jump. Spoilers ahead.

This Post is Blather

I was rewatching This is Spinal Tap for the first time in about a decade last evening, and this time around I kept thinking, “Electric Six totally reminds me of these guys.” The whole movie took on a new light for me, considering the fact that I was 14 when I last saw it, hadn’t […]

Kaiser Famous Dill Pickle

I’ve been defeated by a mere cucumber! Well, not perhaps mere. The Kaiser Famous Dill Pickle, made by Kaiser Foods in Cincinnati, OH [no website] is a dangerous adversary. The pickle, which I’m assuming weighed in at just less than one pound, came in a plastic bag and was sitting in its own brine. It […]

Star Chart

Here I am,   again Orion. Orion again I   am here.   Here Orion again am I. Empty field witness   dark under night sky   small watchings   small noise silent.  Hail al-Jabbār! chronic-combatant star-clouded   rigid Rigel taut cudgel, hoof, rudius. Orvandil, Osiris   all name none; famous heaven-belted, celestial celebrity…   […]

Four Men

there are four men inside of me and they are always at war. the boys drink their whisky and plug big round red holes of hate in each other. when they get low on ammo they patch each other up, pass around the bottle and take potshots at passerby. after awhile they make enough to […]

Interrogation Day

Every once in awhile I set aside a day for Organic/Mechanic readers to ask me any sort of question on any sort of topic and I will, to the best of my knowledge, answer said questions. One of those days is today. So ask away. Make ’em hard or easy, personal, philosophical, whatever strikes your […]

Cleveland Fireworks

Being bred a Hoosier, 4th of July fireworks in Indiana typically aren’t anything all that impressive. Most of the cool ones are illegal, so my childhood was filled with those little snappy buggers and those growing snake thingys, with a wimpy fountain thrown in now and then. As I grew older, my uncle and cousin […]