Pierre Foods Fast Choice® Pizza Charbroil with Cheese

Friday, 29 July 2005

The vendy is al­most emp­ty this Friday. Someone, oth­er than me, has been eat­ing stuff from it. I hy­poth­e­size that the folks work­ing all night on the 4th floor are to blame. All that was left in the ma­chine were things I’d al­ready eat­en [Muffin, Chicken Salad, Pickle] ex­cept for a chimichanga and what I end­ed up choos­ing to­day, Pierre Foods Fast Choice® Pizza Charbroil with Cheese.
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Zen Sunflower

A sun­flower is grown tall
be­tween the path stones.
A month ago I paid it
no mind.
Now it sheds pollen
in my hair. Come
here, chuck­ling bees.

Running Racing and Ruminating

Thursday, 28 July 2005

I’ve been do­ing pret­ty good on the run­ning front this sum­mer. At least, I’ve kept with it, de­spite not re­al­ly hav­ing a reg­u­lar sched­ule. Finally, this week, I found my stride again. I’ve al­so man­aged to start run­ning for longer pe­ri­ods, I’m now up to 45 min­utes with ease. Now, I plan on run­ning a marathon be­fore I turn 30, so if I get a bit of fire lit un­der my ass this year from run­ning, I’ll prob­a­bly start se­ri­ous­ly train­ing. I’m run­ning in two up­com­ing 5ks, the Billy Bass Run to Help in August, and the Race for the Cure in October. It is some­what strange though, while run­ning is slow­ly putting me back in sem­blance of shape, I think it is wear­ing my gimp knee out. Either that or the age of the in­jury is start­ing to show it­self. I be­lieve I am start­ing to de­vel­op a slight but per­ma­nent limp. It isn’t slow­ing me down at all, but I think I’m rock­ing back and forth a bit more than usu­al when I walk. I al­so got some cat­calls and whis­tles while run­ning down West 25th yes­ter­day. I’m used to get­ting heck­led while run­ning, thank­ful­ly the ‘Run Forrest Run’ days are long past, but get­ting ogled while run­ning is some­thing new.

Stevenson’s Hamburgers in Euclid

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

In my on­go­ing quest [pre­vi­ous re­views: Heck’s; Swenson’s] to find the best burg­er in Cleveland, I took a trip out to Euclid with Five Dollar Beer last night to check out Stevenson’s Hamburgers. We learned about this place from the hon­or­able FoodGoat. This was a damn good ham­burg­er, def­i­nite­ly the win­ner from the three burg­er-cen­tric places I’ve been so far. Damned in­ex­pen­sive too, which makes this cheap bas­tard quite hap­py.
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Adventures in Tremont

Monday, 25 July 2005

I’ve been spend­ing a lot of time hang­ing out at the lo­cal ice cream place. I killed a cou­ple of hours there ear­ly Friday evening, shoot­ing the shit with the folks that work there and a cou­ple more hours yes­ter­day, where one of the work­ers di­rect­ed me to the site of her se­mi-nude pho­tos. [!] I think I know every­one that works there by name now. In be­tween these dairy dis­cus­sions I spent a few hours grilling dogs and burg­ers for my Auburn Block club, where I met Scott Radke and his wife Sara and ba­by daugh­ter, Bella. Scott is the dude re­spon­si­ble for most of the out­door art that can be found in Tremont. On Saturday evening, af­ter I warshed off the grill smell I went to an­oth­er par­ty which cul­mi­nat­ed in drunk­en truth-or-dare Jenga and street-lick­ing. I thought I had a good dare “Pick two more dares”, but an­oth­er par­ty­go­er came up with the dare “Knock over the Jenga tow­er.” Which, I be­lieve, has now had its jer­sey re­tired. Knocking over the Jenga tow­er means you have to do 3 more dares. It seemed like every­one in the neigh­bor­hood was hav­ing a lit­tle get-to­geth­er on Saturday. Even stum­bling home at 2:15am I still ran in­to peo­ple I knew, stum­bling in the op­po­site di­rec­tion. That was a pret­ty cool feel­ing. Or maybe I was just drunk.


I’m a big dum­b­ass for not think­ing De-Lovely, a movie about Cole Porter, would be a mu­si­cal. Of course it was a mu­si­cal, you big dum­b­ass! Not you. Me. I don’t par­tic­u­lar­ly like mu­si­cals, so bear that in mind as I re­view this one.
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