Fury, Dissatisfaction and Imperfection

This post from a while back, and more specifically, the first blockquote in the post, have hopped up to the forefront somewhat again lately here. Yes.

Thesis: Anger stems from dissatisfaction caused by our mortal imperfections.

Sometimes we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and for no discernible reason we’re sore-​toothed bears. Why does this happen? Well I figure it must be some sort of basic existential thing, something so close to us we can’t grip it. I think it has to do with dissatisfaction regarding our control over our own lives and over the world. More complex than waking up and being pissed because you don’t want to go into work today; something along the lines of being on vacation and waking up grouchy as hell after an evening of excellent porking. Now there ain’t no reason to be grouchy after that, right? Well you are. And here is why, I think.

You’re pissed because your perfect potential is bound by your imperfect reality. So, like, original sin is the culprit again. The frustration and dissatisfaction arises from our inability to fully flex our graces, to be like God. And because we have this seed of grace deep down inside that wants to grow, it is going to do what it has to in order to sprout. Getting angry for no reason is just one way our perfection is twisted by that original sin.

I think.

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