In the past two days I have received The New Complete Hoyle [Revised] which has already heightened my geekery since it provides historical background for the games it then tells you the rules of. I used to read encyclopedias and dictionaries cover-​to-​cover when I was little, so reading a book of rules for games of skill and chance isn’t too far off the hook. And yesterday I didn’t get my football tickets, but got the refund for them and a list of the games I did get tickets to. If it weren’t for paying my monogram dues [with unclular assistance] I probably wouldn’t have gotten any tickets. I got 2 tickets to Penn State, 2 tickets to Michigan, 2 tickets to Purdue, 2 tickets to UCLA and 2 tickets to Army. I also got a check for $660 for all the tickets I didn’t get. Not a bad lottery when you get your money back.

I also rode my bike to Kimo’s in Ohio City again last night for sushi. It has to be the best sushi in town and with the best prices, just under $1 for each piece of hoso maki. I had Unagi, Dynamite and one I can’t remember that was Japanese mayonaise and crab. Unagi remains my favorite. I love eel. Must be the Welsh heritage bubbling up.