My first mortgage payment was made the other day. Out of the hundreds of dollars I paid, less than $68 actual went to the principal balance, the rest disappeared into the vast realm of interest. It is going to be tough checking my bank account online and watching the balance dink lower. Work on the house is going slowly, and even slowlier in this humidity. I’m washing the walls in the master bedroom to loosen the wallpaper glue and then scrubbing them and then sanding them when they are dry. It takes about 24 hours for the stuff to dry, though and a shower half hour to wash off all of the accumulated dust that sweat sticks to my arms and chest. Chest hair works like a lint trap for small bits of floor, dust and yard. I’ve been taking my mom’s advice and slowly unpacking bits of things to make the house a bit homelier for the duration of renovation, but I’m at the point where I can’t do much more until I get some bookshelves and a wardrobe or better use of the closet.

Tonight is a drink or two at the VTR and some swing dancing.