My first mort­gage pay­ment was made the oth­er day. Out of the hun­dreds of dol­lars I paid, less than $68 ac­tu­al went to the prin­ci­pal bal­ance, the rest dis­ap­peared in­to the vast realm of in­ter­est. It is go­ing to be tough check­ing my bank ac­count on­line and watch­ing the bal­ance dink low­er. Work on the house is go­ing slow­ly, and even slowli­er in this hu­mid­i­ty. I’m wash­ing the walls in the mas­ter bed­room to loosen the wall­pa­per glue and then scrub­bing them and then sand­ing them when they are dry. It takes about 24 hours for the stuff to dry, though and a show­er half hour to wash off all of the ac­cu­mu­lat­ed dust that sweat sticks to my arms and chest. Chest hair works like a lint trap for small bits of floor, dust and yard. I’ve been tak­ing my mom’s ad­vice and slow­ly un­pack­ing bits of things to make the house a bit home­li­er for the du­ra­tion of ren­o­va­tion, but I’m at the point where I can’t do much more un­til I get some book­shelves and a wardrobe or bet­ter use of the clos­et.

Tonight is a drink or two at the VTR and some swing danc­ing.