I’ve rarely been busier or more interested in what I’ve been doing lately. I was telling Debbie the other day that it is nice to have so many varied things to do that in my free time all I want to do is read instead of playing video games or something else.

BLACKHEART Cleveland has been eating up most of my time; trying to schedule interviews and rustle up good and exciting information. We’re still at the heavy lifting stage, but I’ve got a good feeling about its direction and longevity. Now I just have to get out, conduct some interviews, edit them and get them online. It is nice to have a chance to do film/video work again, even amateurishly.

Through my government design blog The Design State, I’m working on a weekly video with GovLoop where I [and eventually a few other folks with areas of expertise] will answer questions or present, briefly, on a certain topic.

Abraham had his belated birthday party and we’re headed out of town for the weekend. I’ve scheduled my GRE exam, but haven’t had a chance to study yet. I’m not much worried, though I hope I’m not being too overconfident.

I’ve been in another video as The Face of Solid Waste:

Throughout all of this, Debbie has been a champ. I worry that I’m neglecting her or my parental duties from time to time, but she said she’d let me know if I was slacking in that area. That’s certainly the top priority.

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  1. Nice trunk cam. It’s weird to see you in a semi-serious public service type video, though the odd smile you occasionally slip into assures me you REALY like waste management.

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