The Face of Solid Waste

This is the sec­ond video we’ve shot at my house for a Coun­ty agency. I’m in this one instead of my off­spring.

We’re shoot­ing anoth­er video for the Sol­id Waste Dis­trict tomor­row, for their twice-annu­al House­hold Haz­ardous Waste round-up. My mug will be in that one too.

One of my cowork­ers dubbed me The Face of Sol­id Waste.

5 thoughts on “The Face of Solid Waste”

  1. In Shake­speare 2, I was asked to mem­o­rize 10 lines of Des­de­mon­a’s monolugue from ‘Oth­el­lo”. Could­n’t do it. Col­or me impressed.

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