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Health Fair

At the health fair I learned many great things. They are great events that more people should take advantage of. I learned that my BMI says that I’m overweight (but only just). This is something I’ve known for awhile. I’m stuck at 190-192 and I should really by around 182-185. That’s my comfortable weight, and […]

Life is Good

My life has been extremely great lately. Abraham is a person now, even though I sometimes think we used too many monkeys when assembling him. He is someone I can interact with and play with all the time. I can anticipate the direction he’ll grow and be constantly surprised by how often I’m right and […]

Money Funnel

Today was a zoo. Got up early to do some fall cleaning, just the bedroom today. Finished at 9pm tonight. Upstairs tenant moved partially out today, roofers tore off and replaced part of the balcony roof, gas man came out to verify a leak (or three) in our natural gas line (end result, no gas […]

Fishing With John

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #42: John Lurie’s Fishing With John. As a fisherman, watching Fishing with John was quite an experience. Walleye and pike are only mentioned once, by Tom Waits; the rest of the time the fishing was much more exotic than what a Midwesterner like me is used […]

Public Administration So Far

A little bit below this are some good [but somewhat too dispassionate] quotes about the field of public administration. I keep waiting to read about how the civil service is service to the citizen, but I have a feeling I’m going to be reading lots more about pragmatic influence wrangling before I ever get to […]

House Tag

So far I’ve spent my second day of furlough catching up on various items around the house. I need to get back into the habit of writing here a bit more frequently. I keep thinking of things that are worth posting, but never actually sitting down to do so. A bunch of exterior work is […]