Inept Photojournalist

Monday, 30 November 2009

Today I would have had three great photos if I’d had my camera with me. The empty-​socketed windows of the Schofield Building on East 9th and Euclid, (it looks nothing like this anymore), a sodden couch and smashed bigscreen TV sitting in the middle of a vacant lot next to a shuttered porn shop on West 25th — like something out of The Wire — and a festively decorated run-​down with the words “Merry Chritmas” [sic] sprayed on the window. Seeing all this in my first Cleveland snowfall of the season was appropriate. There are signs of poverty everywhere you look. You can ignore it, mock it, or give it a hand, and whichever you choose, it probably says a lot about how you treat Cleveland.

Most of us should choose the third choice more often, I know I should.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

I’ve been neglecting this site for quite some time. There are a bunch of reasons for this, but none of them are good excuses. I’ve been a busy man, and real life has been keeping me blessedly busy with school, conferences, holiday travel, holiday shopping and collaboration with some local folks. When my life rearranged itself a few years ago, I decided to only write when there were important things to say. When Bram showed up, I told myself I wouldn’t let this place turn into every other weblog of a new parent.

All of which is a betrayal of the main reason I started this thing, way back in January of 2002. To write things down that I thought or thought were important on a daily basis. As a way to find my voice. Time to get back on track. I’m going to write at least a small post on a daily basis, just like back in the day.