I created a Twitter bot named @CLEHelperBot. It retweets the hashtag #WhereInCleveland. That’s all it does. What’s the point?

My thought process:

  1. I frequently don’t know where to find stuff in Cleveland. Stuff like gaffer’s tape, a decent tailor, an old-​school barbershop, a date.
  2. How do I find people who know the answers to these questions?
  3. How can I make this useful for other folks?

For the bot to be useful, two things need to happen:

  1. Many Cleveland folks need to follow @CLEHelperBot and reply with answers to the #WhereInCleveland tweets it retweets.
  2. People need to use #WhereInCleveland when they want to find something around here.

I’m trying to crowdsource local knowledge to help out visitors & residents alike. If you use Twitter & live in Cleveland, I’d appreciate your help getting this off the ground.