I cre­at­ed a Twit­ter bot named @CLEHelperBot. It retweets the hash­tag #Where­In­Cleve­land. That’s all it does. What’s the point?

My thought process:

  1. I fre­quent­ly don’t know where to find stuff in Cleve­land. Stuff like gaffer­’s tape, a decent tai­lor, an old-school bar­ber­shop, a date.
  2. How do I find peo­ple who know the answers to these questions?
  3. How can I make this use­ful for oth­er folks?

For the bot to be use­ful, two things need to happen:

  1. Many Cleve­land folks need to fol­low @CLEHelperBot and reply with answers to the #Where­In­Cleve­land tweets it retweets.
  2. Peo­ple need to use #Where­In­Cleve­land when they want to find some­thing around here.

I’m try­ing to crowd­source local knowl­edge to help out vis­i­tors & res­i­dents alike. If you use Twit­ter & live in Cleve­land, I’d appre­ci­ate your help get­ting this off the ground.

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