Week in Review

  • I try to add a bit of variety to my ingestion of news & political commentary by reading publications that I consider to be a bit extreme, but still relatively reasonable. So I subscribe to Reason for libertarian positions & Jacobin (“Reason in Revolt”, lol) for socialist ones. Something they have in common is that they only play one tune: “here are the reasons [whatever is in the news] isn’t [libertarian/​socialist] enough for us”. It gets old quickly, and I’ve found myself skipping most of what they post.
  • A guy at a GetGo complimented me on my sunglasses, which I picked because they were as close to Isaac Hayes sunglasses as I could find that would also take a prescription. I really wish I could afford, and had the opportunity to rock Cazal’s but I guess I might as well get crazy and wish to get something made by Maison Bourgeat while I’m at it..
  • It is very difficult for me to read modern poetry in bites larger than one poem a day. I can’t figure out why reading stuff older than the past 10 years is so much more consumable to me.
  • I’ve realized that for awhile I was kinda “dressed by the internet”. I think I’ve toned that down a bit, but it’s still pretty damned hard to find #menswear information that isn’t more costume than style. Permanent Style is great for bespoke, best in class, subtle luxury & fit-​related items — but I’ll never afford bespoke & the flannel-​trousers/​suede loafers “sprezzatura” doesn’t fit my personality. Put This On is enjoyable, but they also focus on maintaining a classic fashion sense. Well Spent occasionally has good finds but their house look is essentially the Pumpkin Spice Latte of menswear. I’d like HYPEBEAST if there weren’t 500 posts about shoes & Kanye every day. I kind of read them all and try to take appropriate bits and pieces, but it is all way too rules-​based and none of it really showcases unique looks and different styles.
  • I guess I like variety, and with the increasing specialization of “content creators”, I have to work harder than I think I should to find it.
  • Content Creator” as a self-​described job-​title might be the worst invented job title of all time.
  • I’ve been catching up on my magazine backlog. My goal is to be caught up fully by the new year.
  • I’m really starting notice class privilege as part of my son’s schooling. The students are pretty much expected to have their own computer and mobile device at home to interface with all the various apps, sites, and sundry other digital assets they use for schooling nowadays.
  • I’m also trying to be less grouchy, but judging by this post, I have work to do.