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I just spoke to the board of Neighborhood Housing Services Cleveland [whoa 1994 site design!] about my trip to Nashville. They footed the bill so it was only right that I tell them about it. The board has folks from all kinds of Cleveland services as members and the City Council Chairman Martin Sweeney was […]

Nashville Wrap-up

I’m home now, and I’ve finally managed to upload all of my pictures. You can view the set here. On Sunday the Cleveland Contingent met to create an action plan for a project here in town. We didn’t have very long to work, but we decided to structure a survey to be submitted to Cleveland […]

Downtown Nashville

Trying to get a WiFi signal in Nashville is like trying to find a pair of fishnet pantyhose at a hardware store. Or like being sent on an errand for headlight oil or a football bat. After my last workshop yesterday I attempted to go to the one WiFi coffee shop I had seen in […]

NeighborWorks: Transforming Conflict Into Action

My third workshop was Transforming Conflict Into Action, something that is also very important in my neighborhood. There are a lot of groups that butt-heads over a variety of issues and this workshop focused on providing us with tools to use effective listening in order to resolve conflict and keep it from resulting in stagnation […]

NeighborWorks: Advocating for Change in Your Community

My second workshop, Advocating for Change in Your Community, focused on its title. I chose to take this workshop because Tremon[s]ters are stubborn even for Cleveland and when two people have opposing viewpoints on a neighborhood issue it is often hard to mediate or even gain something that has the appearance of consensus. Effective change-advocacy […]

NeighborWorks: Adults and Youth Working Together

My first workshop was focused on building lasting and effective relationships between adults and youth in neighborhoods. To our benefit, there was a 17 year old girl in our workshop whose insights vastly improved the quality of the workshops. I was looking for information on how to get youth in my ‘hood involved and keep […]

NeighborWorks Opening Plenary

The NeighborWorks Peak Performance Opening Plenary just finished and I’m chowing on a bagged lunch. The opening remarks were pretty standard, and there were the inevitably long people-we’d-like-to-recognize sessions, but now that it is over I’m ready to go on my first workshop, Adults and Youth Working Together.

NeighborWorks in Nashville

I’m in Nashville for a weekend conference on community organizing sponsored by NeighborWorks America. The weather is beautiful and the people are quite friendly. The downtown is thriving and fully exploiting its country-western roots. I think Cleveland should really put a similar pull on rock and roll. The Country Music Hall of Fame looks about […]