Joe Bob Brainstorming Session

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Possible ideas for future Joe Bob animations:

  • Joe Bob goes on a date
  • Joe Bob joins the SCA
  • Joe Bob in space
  • Silent Joe Bob
  • Joe Bob visits High Society
  • Joe Bob buys a car
  • Joe Bob Halloween special
  • Joe Bob and Robin Hood
  • Joe Bob the Pirate
  • Samurai Joe Bob

Any ideas from y’all?

Joe Bob Buys a Hat

Monday, 23 January 2006

Here is the second installment in the epic struggles of Joe Bob. I put in a bit of sound with this one and it will start once the flash file loads, so you might want to make sure you have headphones plugged in. I edited the mp3 with Audacity, an open-​source audio editor, which was okay, but the interface is so spare that I had to use some ingenuity to extract the parts I wanted. I didn’t spend much time cleaning up the files either. I figure that is something I can save for a better and longer version of a Joe Bob adventure. The song is called “Skate Out” by The Moving Sidewalks and is from the movie Skaterdater. I downloaded the file from Record Brother, which you should check out since it has all kinds of stuff from old crummy movies, lots of them blaxploitation flicks. I think I might have to crumple and buy a tripod if I decide to keep making Joe Bob films. Doing everything from plain americain tabletop is too boring. You can look at a couple of still photos from the production process here. Anyway, here are 14 more seconds from the life of Joe Bob. Enjoy.

Length: 00:00:14
Size: 2.8 MB

Joe Bob Buys a Hat Production Diary

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

This stop animation stuff is fun. I’ve finished two scenes of my next attempt and fiddled around with it in Flash a bit. I’m trying to get the image quality as high as possible, and the maximum resolution for a Flash frame is 2880 pixels. The unfortunate side effect that I’ve come across is that when I try to export it as an .swf movie file, my computer runs out of memory. Now, I have 1GB of RAM, so were not talking a piddly amount of memory here. I think if my processor were faster it would export just fine. So it looks like I’m going to have to knock down the resolution a bit more. I’ll probably stick it somewhere around 1000 pixels wide.

I’m also searching for free generic stock music for films, which is much harder. Other difficulties that I’ve run across would require me to shell out money for a new camera and tripod, and since I’m just doing this for shits and giggles, that ain’t gonna happen. Sometimes I bump the camera or the set pieces and have to realign them, and other times the camera won’t focus on what I need it to focus on, despite using the spot focus function. I think this is a side-​effect of having it in macro mode. This next adventure with Joe Bob is only slightly more complex than the first screen test. There will be music hopefully, but no intertitles or dialogue. I’ll save that for when I’m good. I’d really like a huge, sturdy and level table to do all this on, but my kitchen table will do.

Joe Bob’s Screentest

Monday, 2 January 2006

Below you will see my first use of flash and my first attempt at stop animation. The picture taking took about 15 minutes, but figuring out the Flash interface took me a bit longer, especially since I couldn’t use the tutorials. This probably took me two hours all told, but I’m still heartened by the relative ease with which it came together. Perhaps there will be more adventures with Joe Bob in the future.

Length: 00:00:08
Size: 1.11 MB