Joe Bob Brainstorming Session

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Possible ideas for fu­ture Joe Bob an­i­ma­tions:

  • Joe Bob goes on a date
  • Joe Bob joins the SCA
  • Joe Bob in space
  • Silent Joe Bob
  • Joe Bob vis­its High Society
  • Joe Bob buys a car
  • Joe Bob Halloween spe­cial
  • Joe Bob and Robin Hood
  • Joe Bob the Pirate
  • Samurai Joe Bob

Any ideas from y’all?

Joe Bob Buys a Hat

Monday, 23 January 2006

Here is the sec­ond in­stall­ment in the epic strug­gles of Joe Bob. I put in a bit of sound with this one and it will start once the flash file loads, so you might want to make sure you have head­phones plugged in. I edit­ed the mp3 with Audacity, an open-source au­dio ed­i­tor, which was okay, but the in­ter­face is so spare that I had to use some in­ge­nu­ity to ex­tract the parts I want­ed. I didn’t spend much time clean­ing up the files ei­ther. I fig­ure that is some­thing I can save for a bet­ter and longer ver­sion of a Joe Bob ad­ven­ture. The song is called “Skate Out” by The Moving Sidewalks and is from the movie Skaterdater. I down­loaded the file from Record Brother, which you should check out since it has all kinds of stuff from old crum­my movies, lots of them blax­ploita­tion flicks. I think I might have to crum­ple and buy a tri­pod if I de­cide to keep mak­ing Joe Bob films. Doing every­thing from plain amer­i­cain table­top is too bor­ing. You can look at a cou­ple of still pho­tos from the pro­duc­tion process here. Anyway, here are 14 more sec­onds from the life of Joe Bob. Enjoy.

Length: 00:00:14
Size: 2.8 MB

Joe Bob Buys a Hat Production Diary

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

This stop an­i­ma­tion stuff is fun. I’ve fin­ished two scenes of my next at­tempt and fid­dled around with it in Flash a bit. I’m try­ing to get the im­age qual­i­ty as high as pos­si­ble, and the max­i­mum res­o­lu­tion for a Flash frame is 2880 pix­els. The un­for­tu­nate side ef­fect that I’ve come across is that when I try to ex­port it as an .swf movie file, my com­put­er runs out of mem­o­ry. Now, I have 1GB of RAM, so were not talk­ing a pid­dly amount of mem­o­ry here. I think if my proces­sor were faster it would ex­port just fine. So it looks like I’m go­ing to have to knock down the res­o­lu­tion a bit more. I’ll prob­a­bly stick it some­where around 1000 pix­els wide.

I’m al­so search­ing for free gener­ic stock mu­sic for films, which is much hard­er. Other dif­fi­cul­ties that I’ve run across would re­quire me to shell out mon­ey for a new cam­era and tri­pod, and since I’m just do­ing this for shits and gig­gles, that ain’t gonna hap­pen. Sometimes I bump the cam­era or the set pieces and have to re­align them, and oth­er times the cam­era won’t fo­cus on what I need it to fo­cus on, de­spite us­ing the spot fo­cus func­tion. I think this is a side-ef­fect of hav­ing it in macro mode. This next ad­ven­ture with Joe Bob is on­ly slight­ly more com­plex than the first screen test. There will be mu­sic hope­ful­ly, but no in­ter­ti­tles or di­a­logue. I’ll save that for when I’m good. I’d re­al­ly like a huge, stur­dy and lev­el ta­ble to do all this on, but my kitchen ta­ble will do.

Joe Bob’s Screentest

Monday, 2 January 2006

Below you will see my first use of flash and my first at­tempt at stop an­i­ma­tion. The pic­ture tak­ing took about 15 min­utes, but fig­ur­ing out the Flash in­ter­face took me a bit longer, es­pe­cial­ly since I couldn’t use the tu­to­ri­als. This prob­a­bly took me two hours all told, but I’m still heart­ened by the rel­a­tive ease with which it came to­geth­er. Perhaps there will be more ad­ven­tures with Joe Bob in the fu­ture.

Length: 00:00:08
Size: 1.11 MB