Haiku Contest 2004

Wednesday, 7 April 2004

It is time for the second annual [and this time organized a bit better] Organic Mechanic Haiku contest. Go here if you want to educate yourself a bit on haiku.

The Prize

The winner will receive A Glimpse of Red : The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku and a compilation CD of randomness made by yours truly. The first and second runners up will just get the random compilation CD.


  1. You may only submit two haiku.
  2. Your haiku must have seventeen [17] syllables and three lines. Five [5] syllables in the first line, seven [7] syllables in the second line and five [5] syllables in the final line.
  3. Your haiku must be personal, original creations. No plagiarizing.
  4. If you win, place or show you must give me your address so I can mail you your prizes.
  5. You may not use a Haiku generator. Dumbass.


I will judge the haiku based on creativity, wit and humor. I encourage the use of puns and entendres and slyness of all kinds. It needs to make a statement of some sort. A traditional haiku is acceptable, but I encourage you to stretch yourself. Use haiku like a stiletto. Use it like a whoopy cushion. Make it dance a jig for whoever reads it. That is what I want from your haiku. I want you to have fun. Whichever haiku teaches me the best something in a creative and/or witty and/or humorous manner will stand a good chance of winning. If you think what I’ve described it too hard, don’t friggin worry about it. I’m more interested in getting haiku than getting good haiku. Actually, I guess I’m begging you to send me something. I do love to see what people can come up with. The contest end on May 1st. I will accept submissions until I take down the banner on the 1st of May.


You will retain the copyright to whatever you submit. Your email address or actual address will not be given to anyone for any purpose at anytime. They will be safe. If the book I ordered doesn’t arrive from Amazon the winner will receive something else cool instead. If the winner has a wish list I might buy something off of it for them. Judging is not arbitrary and the reasoning for my decision may or may not be explicated. I will not make any cash off of this venture or your submissions. If I forgot something just pretend it is here. My ass is now duly covered.


You have to submit via email. Sorry. I’m not code-savvy enough to make a functioning non-email form. You can try using the form below- just know that it will open your default mail client. If you want to send it through webmail of some sort please send it to:

This form should work. *crosses fingers*

For Inspiration

Last year’s ‘contest’.
Something from a year before that.
And below you will find a few I’ve written for this year.

versus a rhinocerous-
don’t get in the way.

Mist off a great lake-
whipporwhill on the bare branch,
footsteps on gravel.

It could be much worse-
that could be your kid up there
screwing the White House.

Nose blow too often
cough hack scratchy a sore throat
this haiku is sick.

‘Contest’ results et. al.

Sunday, 15 June 2003

The results of the haiku ‘contest’ can be found here.
Below are some things I wrote last night.

in a swank hotel
a fistfight with Aquinas
blood drops on the bar

punchdrunk motherfuck
stickleback and hackles
hook, line and sinker

Dear John on paper
a list of precise words in
the woman’s small hands

i had this odd dream
donkey kong versus your mom
they went bananas

nunca a veces
el ladrón de corazón
muy mal español

what are elements?
earth, fire, water, and the wind
the breath from your lips

skin sweat no friction
smooth glide the ecstasy ride
a beast with two backs

the game is over
when children yearn after the
sharp ends of their tears

door beads, lava lamps
a polyester mullet
thats one jive turkey

‘cuz i can!

Saturday, 14 June 2003

i arbitrarily end the haiku contest as of now.

the winner will be announced shortly.

so let it be written, so let it be done.

Haiku ‘Contest’

Thursday, 5 June 2003

I suppose I will go ahead and make this an annual event. I want some haikus from y’all. You might remember last year…I had to wrangle them out of you with sundry forms of archaic torture. Hopefully this year there will be no need for rending. I’ll even give out some sort of prize, though I do not know what that prize will be.

Last year there was only one rule, seventeen syllables, but even that got broken to good use. This year the rules are pretty standard, really. 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, 5 in the third. It does not have to be about nature or a season.

I guess technically they won’t be haikus, but will be haiku in form. Submit through the comments, or at aharvey@organicmechanic.org

Autumn Haiku

Monday, 11 November 2002

leafing through autumn
equinox epiphany
yellow red and orange