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Heirlooms & Detritus

As I’m currently engaged in my biennial deep-clean of my house, I’m concentrating on getting rid of things that I don’t actively use. It’s an assortment of the usual stuff, clothes I bought, books I no longer want, etc. Disposing of that stuff is pretty easy, but this year I’m concentrating on the stuff I’ve […]

Digging Drifter Bags

I follow this style site called Well Spent. They “[feature] honestly crafted products that look good and don’t cost an arm and a leg.” Last week they did a Q&A with Drifter Bags. The first thing that struck me was that it was an Ohio brand. I shoved the link up on Facebook, and, lo, […]


I talk about Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction too much. By too much, I mean every couple of years. I really should read some other stuff that he’s written, so I don’t get too pseudo-intellectually scholarship-boyish. Like I’m about to. I collect stuff, not a lot, but stuff nonetheless. […]

Packrat Purge

the packrat purge is complete and several grocery bags are now filled with random paraphrenalia that i deemed unneccessary to store for another year. today i also washed my car and bought a picture album to house my collegiate photographs. my room is now livable for the next few weeks. we need water terribly. we’ve […]