Tuesday, 18 February 2003

se­niori­tis is of­fi­cially here. i’ve this class called Fictions of Insanity. It is in­sanely bor­ing. we are sup­posed to have the next book read for thurs­day. i have not pur­chased said book, nor do i in­tend to. i also firmly in­tend to not read a word of it. this class does not de­serve my time be­cause i get more in­tel­lec­tual stim­u­la­tion out of play­ing video games than i do by lis­ten­ing to the grad stu­dent prof read her lec­ture word for word off of a pa­per. in­stead of class­work, i’ll do laun­dry, play Halo, and try to get a job. the rest of my classes? they’re fun.


Tuesday, 19 November 2002

se­niori­tis has of­fi­cially made its ap­pearence. well, ac­tu­ally its been more like a rash that has slowly spread dur­ing the course of the se­mes­ter. its def­i­nitely the work­load that is caus­ing it. Intermediate Film Production should be a 6 credit class. there is so much that i don’t want to do, i’m not sure if i even have enough time to pro­cras­ti­nate from all of it.

i did sorta start a pa­per yes­ter­day. but i have a quiz to­day i haven’t even stud­ied for. but i don’t re­ally care, i’m go­ing to pass the class. what i need to do is search for a job. what i did in­stead was post links to my stu­dent films in the al­bum. i want to be tak­ing my eng­lish classes next se­mes­ter. Film Noir has ex­hausted my in­ter­est and Cinema Ideologies is now in the repet­i­tive stage. i want to be in a new and stim­u­lat­ing place with a job that doesn’t re­quire 14 hour days and lets me have some down time.

i’m not de­pressed, just tired.

oh yeah, and, i’m get­ting lonely again.